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Balfour International Exchange Scholarship Guidelines
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The International Exchange Scholarship is a $2,500 USD award and is given based on interest income generated by the International Scholarship Award Fund. 


The International Exchange Scholarship may be used to pay for travel, living, and incidental expenses in order to pursue one semester or a summer course of study at a law school located in a country different from where the candidate's current law school is located during next summer or during next year's school year.



  • Prior winners of International Exchange or Balfour Scholarships are precluded from entering subsequent competitions.

  • Candidates must have completed one full year of legal study.

  • Candidates must have been initiated into Phi Delta Phi International on or before June 29.

  • Candidates may not apply for both the International Exchange Scholarship and the Balfour Scholarship.

  • Candidates shall indicate in the application form the law school they plan to attend and submit evidence of sufficient knowledge of the language of that law school's country or province.



Each Inn may select up to three candidates. The Inn is responsible for notifying headquarters of its candidates by submitting a Scholarship Nomination Form as soon as they have been selected.  Selection procedures shall be consistent with the general Balfour Minority Scholarship objectives stated above and shall be incorporated into the Inn Bylaws prior to candidate selection. 

Each Inn will submit a copy of application Form BSA-I for each candidate to International Headquarters on or before October 11.  Applications and materials shall be emailed to

letter from the Dean of the law school, or a letter from an associate dean on behalf of the Dean of the law school, certifying the good academic and class standing of each candidate shall accompany every application.  A brief biographical sketch of the candidate or résumé shall accompany every application.  Failure to submit either a letter or a biographical sketch will automatically disqualify an applicant.

NOTE:  Please note that application Form BSA-I serves as an application form for the Balfour Scholarship, the International Exchange Scholarship and the Balfour Minority Scholarship.


Each Province President has the responsibility for selecting a committee made up of two Phi Delta Phi Barristers and the Province President, which will be responsible for selecting the Province candidates.  If the Province President, after due diligence, is unable to establish such a Committee, then the Province President shall form a committee of one.  If the position of Province President is vacant, the Council Member having responsibility for that Province shall be deemed to be the Province President for these purposes.


The Committee will choose no more than three candidates from among those applications submitted by the Inns and will forward one copy of the application for each Province candidate to International Headquarters on or before November 15.  Applications will be collected and forwarded to the Justices of Phi Delta Phi’s Court of Appeals.


NOTE: As part of the submission, the Province President shall include a ranking of the Province candidates by the Committee and may, should the Committee so desire, provide any additional submissions regarding service to the Inn or Phi Delta Phi by the candidates for consideration by the Court of Appeals.  Should the submissions be received by Headquarters without such ranking, then Headquarters shall secure such ranking prior to sending the entries to the Court of Appeals.



The Court of Appeals will determine the recipients of the International Exchange Scholarship based on scholastic merit.  The Court of Appeals will take into consideration class rank, number of students in the class, difficulty of the law school program, and foreign language proficiency.  If several candidates are comparable in scholarship, the Court may take into consideration other activities within the law school, or without, which reflect on the quality of the student's scholastic achievement. There is no requirement that there be any scholarship winners in a given year or that each Province have scholarship winners.


The recipient of the International Exchange Scholarship award will be announced on the Phi Delta Phi Web Site,, on or before January 31.


Before the award check is sent to the winner, International Headquarters must receive (1) a letter from the law school chosen by the winner confirming admittance of the winning candidate to the course of study and (2) a letter from the Phi Delta Phi Inn at the law school confirming that members of the Inn will provide housing for the winner.


Within thirty days of the end of the course of study, a letter from the chosen law school confirming that the winner completed the course of study with satisfactory attendance must be filed with International Headquarters.  IF NOT DULY FILED, THE WINNER WILL BE OBLIGATED TO REIMBURSE THE AMOUNT OF THE SCHOLARSHIP TO PHI DELTA PHI INTERNATIONAL.