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Why Join Phi Delta Phi?

Different individuals seek different goals and objectives. There are those who believe that camaraderie, good fellowship and promotion of the highest standards of professional and personal ethics and performance justify affiliation. Others seek more tangible benefits: scholarships, regional and international meetings and conventions and other benefits made possible by membership.


The choice of a legal society may depend upon many factors, one of which, obviously, is the local Inn. But if you look for the Society with the largest number of student leaders; with the highest standards of scholarship and service; and with a fellowship based upon more than mere sociability -- you will find that it is Phi Delta Phi. The individuals you want to be associated with very likely are those who are guided by the ideals stated in the "Preamble" of the Phi Delta Phi Constitution:

We, the undersigned students of the Law Department of the University of Michigan, in order to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other law schools and the profession at large, and desiring to unite ourselves in the endearing bonds of affection and brotherly love for the purpose of encompassing these ends, do associate ourselves into a Society to be known as Phi Delta Phi.

December 13, 1869

As a member of the oldest and most prestigious professional Society on earth, our initiates join the ranks of Presidents and Supreme Court Justices, political figures and legal giants in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Eastern Europe. No other legal Society can offer the full range of benefits that come with membership in Phi Delta Phi.

Since Phi Delta Phi is the oldest and most international of legal fraternities, the network of movers and shakers that our members have access to is unrivaled.


Officers of the Society and the Headquarters' staff stand ready to counsel Student and Barrister Members of Phi Delta Phi concerning job placement and opportunities.


As a Member of an Inn of Phi Delta Phi, there will be opportunities to participate in social -- as well as professional -- activities and functions.

In some law schools, social activities are weighted equally with professional activities. At other law schools, the thrust of an Inn's programs remains entirely professional and scholastic.

Friendships cultivated in law school continue after graduation. Phi Delta Phis maintain contact on a social level as well as a professional level through Barrister Inns, Bar Associations and other professional organizations.