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Executive Director

Executive Director Tim Wheat, Esq.

Tim M. Wheat is the Executive Director of Phi Delta Phi and oversees operation of Phi Delta Phi's Headquarters. A member of Wood Inn since 1988, Director Wheat has also been named a barrister of John McClellan Marshall Inn, Moultrie Inn, and Beasley Inn. Email Tim.

Whence We Came – A Question of Honor

Since its inception in 1869, and through most of its history, Phi Delta Phi has sought and received the best and the brightest students from North American law schools. In perusing some of Phi Delta Phi's historical archives recently, I came across the following transcript of an address given by the President of the Council to the delegates of the Tenth General Convention that convened in Columbus, Ohio on May 14, 1907.

It seems to me that it is possible for [Phi Delta Phi] to become, if it is not already, the honor society of the law schools. Founded upon high ideals by distinguished men it has grown not only in influence, but in numbers...The responsibility for the future rests constantly upon the members in the active chapters. [New members] should be chosen not simply for good fellowship...but they should also be chosen with a distinct reference to their character and scholarship. So far as possible, it should be made to be what I am sure it really is, a distinct honor to be chosen to membership. Other legal [organizations] there are and will be, and I would say nothing by way of disparagement of them, but Phi Delta Phi is the oldest and largest . . .; it was the pioneer in the field; it has the greatest reputation and prestige, and it may properly be looked to to establish and maintain...the highest standards of...personal character and scholarship.

The Brief, v. VII, no. 2; 2d Quarter, 1907 at pp. 145-146 (emphasis in the original).

These eloquent words remind me of what membership in Phi Delta Phi has meant since 1869: a mark of distinction, an earned privilege, and a badge of honor. For those of you who are Phi Delta Phi’s, I simply ask you to wear our colors with pride. If you are a law student who meets our scholastic and character requirements for membership, I invite you to examine Phi Delta Phi’s remarkable history and tradition of excellence.

With every good wish for your future professional success, I am

Very truly yours,