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The Pre-Law Society
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The Pre-Law Society was established in 2012 to provide any undergraduate student the opportunity to join Phi Delta Phi. Phi Delta Phi's Pre-Law Society strives to develop student's knowledge of law and help make an informed decision about pursuing a legal career. All undergraduate students with an interest in law will gain invaluable knowledge of the diverse opportunities that the legal world has to offer. Members will be exposed to information regarding the LSAT, law school admissions, life as a law student, professional responsibility, and varying careers in the legal field.  


Who can become a Pre-Law Society Member?

Any current undergraduate student at a university or college can become a member whether or not there is an established Hall at their school.

What are the costs to become a member of the Pre-Law Society?

Students joining the Phi Delta Phi Pre-Law Society will pay a one-time initiation fee. Council has set Initiation fees as follows:

· $135 USD 

How do students become members if their school has no established Hall?

Each student without an established Hall, or who is in the process of chartering a Hall, will register online under the "Pre-Law Society” Group. The student's membership will be accepted as soon as headquarters receives their online registration and new member initiation fee.  The Pre-Law Society group will allow students to access everything a Phi Delta Phi online membership entails.

Members may join or charter a Hall at their school to allow them to take part in school functions, funding, elections of officers, and recruitment of members.

How are Halls chartered?

Interested students will submit an inquiry form found on the Phi Delta Phi website:

From there, headquarters will contact the student to gain more information, and provide the student with the necessary links and information to get started.

Students will follow the "step by step” document:


What happens once a Hall is chartered?

Once a Hall is chartered it will be run by the students. Students will submit election reports and initiation summaries. New initiates in the following semesters will then be able to register online under their schools Hall.





* Due to the Constitutional requirements and individual Inn Bylaws, members of the Pre-Law Society will not automatically be accepted into a Legal Honor Society once in law school.