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Council President Xavier Moreno 

Xavier Moreno was elected to be the 54th President of Phi Delta Phi at the 61st General Convention in August 2015.

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A Statement From The President

Dear Students, Phis and Friends,

We live in an era where everything is changing at lightning speed, we have new technologies everyday, uncertainty seems to be a permanent factor in the global market economy, global warming and diminishing natural resources are all threats to humanity.  Even with today’s amazing technology, interpersonal communications are less effective and superficial. Suddenly, everything that surrounds us has become disposable and easily replaceable.

Information is overwhelming and we have to make decisions based on infinite choices for our personal and professional lives. If that weren’t enough, the job market is limited and you are not only competing with students from your class or your country, you are now competing against candidates from around the world. Without hesitation, we can safely say that competition never before has been this fierce.

Today more than ever, our communities require students and practitioners of the law to be endowed with common sense, truly committed to Ethics, Culture, Professionalism and universal confirmed Values. As Phi Delta Phis, we must live up to the highest standards of legal ethics and contribute fearlessly to the majesty of the law. I am convinced that any law student would be well served by adopting this beautiful philosophy.

The United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Germany (with more to come), are the countries that host our Provinces. Remember, however, that our true nationality is that of Phi Delta Phi. No other legal organization can provide such a robust professional network and international exposure for students as ours.

Let us continue the hard work with clear goals for the strength of our Legal Honor Society and welcome those candidates with the most sincere intention of sharing knowledge and experience. Academic achievement alone is not sufficient to give rise to an invitation to join Phi Delta Phi. Integrity, service, and excellence in all facets of human experience are considered factors for membership. Those so selected shall lead the legal profession. Once accepted, a member of Phi Delta Phi shall be recognized as one whose moral compass, academic ability, and personal integrity are beyond reproach. In other words, membership is a mark of distinction.

Let us make no bones about who we are and what we stand for. We will gracefully face our challenges with Courage, Enthusiasm and Brave Hearts!

I humbly urge each Phi to help me with the monumental and magnificent task of guiding the future course of our beloved organization.

Together - Stronger than Ever!


Xavier Moreno