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Chartering a New Inn: Step-by-Step

The Colony should take the following steps in order to successfully charter a new Inn:

1. Assemble interested law students at an organizational meeting. At the organizational meeting, a contact person should be selected and tasks assigned.

2. Order supplies from International Headquarters.

3. Contact the dean of the law school to ensure administration and faculty approval.

4. Select a name for the proposed Inn. Typically, Inns are named after individuals of great stature in the legal profession. Take care not to choose a name that has already been taken by another Phi Delta Phi Inn or is that of an individual who is already a member of another legal fraternity. If the individual is living, you must secure his or her permission; however, if the individual is deceased, you should secure the permission of his or her closest living relative.

5. Prepare proposed bylaws for the new Inn.

6. Prepare a Petition for Charter (the "Petition”) for signature by all petitioners and the subsequent submission to the Council. A sample petition can be downloaded here. (This is just a sample, please be sure to check on Current Initiation Fee, etc.)

7. Each petitioner should join online at

8. Each petitioner should tender the constitutionally required initiation fee. All fees can be paid online. 

9. The contact person for the Colony should submit the Petition and the supporting materials to Headquarters via email to