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Barrister Brief - Member of the Month Program
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Council Member - Constance B. Mutong, J.D.

Where there has been no clear path beaten by those before me, blazing a trail to my chosen destiny has become common practice. I have been “the first” for many things. The first Black drum major at my high school. The first in my family to complete a bachelor’s degree. The first in my family to complete a professional degree. Now the first Black person to serve on the Council for Phi Delta Phi Legal Honor Society. Just a few examples.

When I decided I wanted more from my legal education than a general understanding of civil litigation, I searched outside of my school’s programs and found a study abroad opportunity which permitted me to learn about immigration, forced migration, and international environmental law. Beyond the printed curriculum, I observed beautiful cultural differences as well as some surprising similarities. However, I was pained by one glaring similarity; the prevalence of minority voices being ignored by those in positions of authority. People who look like me, whose fundamental rights were trampled, and there was no recourse made available to restore what had been lost.

As one who has been taught change begins at home, I decided to focus my efforts on curing injustice in my own community. Searching for opportunities to advocate, I accepted an opportunity to volunteer with a local non-profit called Pivot. Pivot is a talent acquisition organization which has a program called Divergent. The Divergent program rehabilitates first-time non-violent offenders by giving access to resources for mental health and drug treatment, courses to learn new trades which increase employability, and partnering with businesses for job placement. Also, through this program, Pivot is working with the county officials to have the Bail Project brought to our county.

My goal is to be part of the systemic change I want to see. Through partnering with groups that are already advocating for the rights of oppressed people, I fully intend to help progress initiatives which promote equity and work to cure injustice. With the understanding that justice is slow, I am encouraged by the words of Maya Angelou, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must never be defeated.”

Barrister Brief - Member of the Month Program

What makes Phi Delta Phi stand above the rest?  It’s you! Phi Delta Phi Members are the best of the best, throughout the world and throughout time. We are proud of all our members and want to show it. The Barrister Brief is a long established feature of PDP and we want to bring it back to give our members their due recognition.

Each month we want to feature a Barrister Brief - Member of the Month on the Phi Delta Phi website, our LinkedIn Group, our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and through a member email blast.

Don’t be humble, don’t be shy. We know how hard all Phis have worked to get where they are today. This is a chance to gain recognition while helping you connect and network with fellow Phis! Use the form below to nominate yourself or another candidate for the PDP Barrister Brief- Member of the Month Program.